Friday, June 7, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

 The girls checking out Grandma Jo's new chickens!
 Grandma Jo had a robin make her nest right by the front door!

 Evie telling Grandma Lund about the cats.

 My two favorite girls!
Me and Mom standing by the plum bushes!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Gracie's First Soccer Game

 Ok, I don't know why its doing this but these are out of order a little bit again! We signed Gracie up for soccer and she is loving it!
 This was the night of her first practice. She had her mouth guard in and wouldn't take it out. She loves that thing, even though I kinda messed it up!
 Gracie's blue team and her coach!
 Go Gracie Go!
 She is actually pretty good at it and made around 4 goals in her first game.  Here she is up against one of her best girl friends, Paxton.
 Its really laid back approach. They don't keep score. Heck, all you have to do is kick the ball into ANY goal.
 She was getting pretty competitive and trying to grab at kids arms and pull them back so that she could get to the ball.
 Here she's telling Paxton, "Good game".

Gracie is our #1 soccer girl!

Chopping Wood!

 We attempted ax chopping wood for Dad new grill he made.  I guess he's going to get a new ax for Father's day cause all he had were really old ones.  Clint's first couple chops below and the ax was broke.

 So, we decided to put a new handle on an old ax.
 Dad is telling us how to put the ax onto the handle.
 Then, Colleen tapped in the wedge so that the ax handle would be tight inside the ax.
 Try it out Colleen!
 Whoops, out of order! Then Dad sharpened it up!
 Just right!
 This process could've been a tv program.  Watching green people try and do things the "old" way and then watching Dad fix the ax = pretty entertaining.
 Got it done - well Dad did most of it.
Hoff was a crazy ax swinger - remind me to hide any axes around this place or the next time we get in an argument, it might just be off with her head.  Not really - just kidding.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Easter 2013

 Gracie was all about getting her picture taken with the Easter bunny.....
 Evie, not so much.  This is her picture with the Easter bunny - he's far away.  We hunted at the Ashland High School and in Genoa.
 Clint is helping out Papa with our Easter steaks on the new grill he crafted.  It worked out really well. Good job Dad!
 Easter at Grandpa and Grandma Hofmeisters!
 The Hofmeister girls with their balloons and colored mouths!
The Lund cousins. Another great Easter, just wish it would've been warmer!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cows and Chickens

 Cows have such funny personalities and hair - ha!
 We got to see a newly born baby and watched him take his first steps!

 Walking the hay bales with Papa to get a better look at all of his calves!

 Gracie helping Papa feed the cows some green hay!

 Evie got to collect the eggs for the day - 4 of them!

 We were late coming home to shut up Mom's chickens and found an owl in the coop murdering chickens!
 Ok these are out of order - grr. But here are her precious chickens eating their goodies - including bananas! Weird.

 One of the victims - it killed a rooster and two hens.
 The rooster protecting the chickens....
 or trying to - poor thing. The rooster that was killed was never found - just feathers.

It was a good and exciting trip back to the farm for Papa's birthday!