Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cows and Chickens

 Cows have such funny personalities and hair - ha!
 We got to see a newly born baby and watched him take his first steps!

 Walking the hay bales with Papa to get a better look at all of his calves!

 Gracie helping Papa feed the cows some green hay!

 Evie got to collect the eggs for the day - 4 of them!

 We were late coming home to shut up Mom's chickens and found an owl in the coop murdering chickens!
 Ok these are out of order - grr. But here are her precious chickens eating their goodies - including bananas! Weird.

 One of the victims - it killed a rooster and two hens.
 The rooster protecting the chickens....
 or trying to - poor thing. The rooster that was killed was never found - just feathers.

It was a good and exciting trip back to the farm for Papa's birthday!

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Maria, Anthony Charlie and Maggie said...

Love the pictures!! Funny how you have life and death in the same post!! Dead chickens and new baby calves! :)